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A unique opportunity for students to live an unforgettable experience, enrich their Spanish and make new friends!

Spain is a marvellous destination to discover, offering a nice climate, and a rich traditional culture. You will be charmed by Spanish villages, beaches, prairies and UNESCO world heritage sites. Vibrant cities such as Barcelona and Madrid will be explored. You will also enjoy world class gastronomy and traditional fiestas. 

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Programs and rates

Young Quebecers begin their experience by studying in Italy while being hosted by a Italian family. Later in the year, they welcome their Italian twin in their own family and school. The total length of the program is six months.

One year of Italian learning lessons must be shown. If you don't have the sufficient level, Italian courses must be taken independently. Education internationale will provide the information about the Italian course shortly. The price will be around 350 $.

Long term Program 

Eligible students: Current secondary 3 and 4 students of Francophone and Anglophone schools, public or private. If chosen, the exchange will occur within their school year.

Region in Italy : North of Italy

Length of stay in Italy: 3 months from September
Length of stay of Italian twin in Quebec: 3 months from January


  • Public schools: 3 049 $ + tx payable in 3 payments
  • Private schools : 3 349 $ + tx payable in 3 payments

Our rates include

  • Round-trip plane ticket Montreal/Italy.
  • Pairing of Quebecer student with a Italian twin.
  • Pre-departure meeting.
  • Accompanying adult when travelling to and from Italy.
  • Mid-stay assessment and follow-up with Quebecer and Italian student.
  • Pick-up of Quebecer and Italian student at airport.
  • Lodging and meals of Quebecer student while living with Italian host family.





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School liaisons

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