We offer a personalized support to our exchange students!

Éducation Internationale and Quebecor schools team up to organise student exchange programs and monitor each student’s progress.

Prior to the departure



The first step to apply is to fill out our online application request. Éducation internationale will then contact you and send you a more detailed application form and a participant’s guide. Éducation internationale will also put you in touch with your school organizer if need be.

Processing and selection


Once your detailed application form has been received, your school will set-up a meeting with you and your family, at home or at school. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss your expectations of the program, answer your questions as well as assess if your grades, motivation and behavior meet the necessary student exchange program requirements.
Following your meeting, your school will communicate to you your selection status and if chosen, will send your application file to Éducation internationale.

Pairing and getting ready for your departure


Éducation internationale will pair you with a twin of similar personality and age as yourself. Once paired, Éducation internationale will offer you a pre-departure training where your destination, cultural aspects and travel logistics will be discussed.
Frequent e-mails will be sent to you by Éducation internationale prior to your departure sharing key information such as flight info, insurance and details of your exchange program and destination.

When abroad

An accompanying adult from and to destination :

An experimented accompanying adult will bring students from and to destination and follow-up with each student a few days after arrival.

Student support and follow-up :

Once abroad, Éducation internationale will follow-up with each student to evaluate school and family integration. A designated teacher will also be available to students at their school abroad.

Back home

Quebec schools will assist with catching up on required school work.
A participation certificate will be given to the student by Éducation Internationale.