• Go on an exchange

  • Go on an exchange

  • Go on an exchange

  • Go on an exchange

Get ready for an exceptional cultural and linguistic exchange!

Live, learn, discover, become a citizen of the world!

Participating in an exchange program based on mutual sharing allows students to live a cultural and linguistic immersion that is rich and unforgettable.

Gain new knowledge and improve a second language: Spanish or French.

Live « with the people », learn from your twin’s family by sharing their daily life and family dynamic.

Discover another country by visiting locations renowned for their beauty, cultural attractions and patrimonial value in Spain and France.

Open yourself to new international friendships.  


Quality student exchange programs at affordable cost!

Éducation internationale, partner of the Ministry of Education and public organisations abroad, offers quality exchanges at very competitive rates.

Our exchange programs are completed within the school year.

Éducation internationale offers young people an opportunity to study abroad while completing their school year in Quebec. You will experience studying abroad and sharing daily life with your twin’s family. You will also welcome your twin in your home and school.

Destinations and prices

Our programs are customized to various high school levels:

  • Secondary 3-4-5 : France and Spain