Do you dream of studying abroad? We can make it happen!

Discover a new culture, learn a new language, live with a family abroad, make new friends, study new subjects in another school, and much more. 

Prior to the departure

  • Application

The first step to apply is to fill out our online application request. Éducation internationale will then contact you and send you a more detailed application form and a participant’s guide. Éducation internationale will also put you in touch with your school organizer if need be.

  • Processing and selection

Once your detailed application form has been received, your school will set-up a meeting with you and your family, at home or at school. The purpose of this meeting will be to discuss your expectations of the program, answer your questions as well as assess if your grades, motivation and behavior meet the necessary student exchange program requirements.
Following your meeting, your school will communicate to you your selection status and if chosen, will send your application file to Éducation internationale.

  • Pairing and getting ready for your departure

Éducation internationale will pair you with a twin of similar personality and age as yourself. Once paired, Éducation internationale will offer you a pre-departure training where your destination, cultural aspects and travel logistics will be discussed.
Frequent e-mails will be sent to you by Éducation internationale prior to your departure sharing key information such as flight info, insurance and details of your exchange program and destination.

Your stay

  • Attending High School

You will be attending a new school, learning new subjects and improving a second language.  School work will be important; your homework is to be done properly and you are to be well prepared for your tests.
Your schedule will be different from the one at home and you will be attending new classes.  This experience will help you grow in a way that will be useful for the rest of your life.
A dedicated person will be available at your school to help you with your integration process at school as well as with your host family.

  • Learning a second language

Most exchange destinations require that you learn or improve your current knowledge of a second language. Your exchange will be a key opportunity to add a new skill to your resume, adding value to your student, career or personal growth path. Although adjusting to a new environment might be challenging at first, you will quickly adapt and witness impressive progress. This experience is sure to write on the wall of who you are to become in a positive way and what stories you will have to share with your friends!

  • Your new family, new friends and new knowledge

You will share daily life with your twin and host family (hobbies, cultural activities, family meals…). You will discover new music, new activities and interesting people. You will most likely make lifelong friends.
Your international flair will prepare you for more exciting challenges.